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Student Research Society


Scientific clubs refer to creative teams of students. The main aim of their activities is to encourage students’ creative work during their studies, to find the most gifted and talented students and provide opportunities for their development.

The main tasks of the scientific clubs are:

  • to encourage students to specialize and deepen knowledge in the chosen fields of science;
  • to acquire the knowledge of scientific methodology, to develop scientific mind and analytical skills, to broaden students’ mind and erudition;
  • to study, analyze and generalize up-to-date information and data;
  • to encourage students to participate in scientific research of scientific schools, institutes, and departments.

Student Research Society includes scientific clubs as primary organizations. At the workshops students can find different ways of solving scientific problems, widen their horizons, communicate openly and discuss interesting issues.

University Student Research Clubs

The name of the club


Scientific World


Awareness-raising Group “Investor”

Finance, Banking and Insurance


Accounting and taxation

Mathematical Modeling in Economics


Marketing Research in Economics


Issues of Documented Information

Information, library and archival studies, Documentation and information services


Philology,Germanic languages and literature (including translation),the first -English


Design, Landscape design