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Mode of study


Full/part time learning
A student can choose the mode of studying at the University. They may be full-time students or study by correspondence. As a full-time student they have to attend classes, seminars and lectures regularly according to the time-table. If you are an external student you have to study mainly independently, but you have some sessions during which you can meet with lecturers and have tutorials. Part-time students as well as full-time students have to take examinations twice a year at the end of each term.
University offers students the opportunity to earn their degree online and from a variety of fields. The system of distance education that has been worked out at the University allows students to benefit from a collegial, supportive academic environment, and gives them freedom to participate in classes whenever, and wherever they might be. Students who choose this type of studying have an access to the University corporative electronic library in real time, can perform practical tasks and tests, communicate with teachers by means of a global computer network and pass their final tests. The University scientists and specialists in the methodological, data- and software support constantly work on the improvement of technologies of the distance and electronic education.